Why Coaching?
● Coaching provides a safe space to work on a variety of issues, whether you are encountering
difficulty or just wanting to maximize your development as a resident or fellow. Coaching can
focus on topics like communication, well-being, performance, and leadership development.
What Kinds of Things Can I Work On in Coaching?
● Adjust to the demands of a new role, rotation, or supervisors
● Develop greater resiliency to combat burnout
● Work through feedback from faculty, clinical staff, and patient evaluations to improve performance
● Manage a difficult relationship where conflict is an issue
● Navigate tough situations in your personal life that impact professional performance
● Utilize better time management to keep up with a packed schedule
● Manage anxiety in presentations in front of attendings and patients
● Accelerate self-awareness and leadership development via assessments
● Prioritize the limited time away from clinical and research responsibilities
● Rethink and redirect a career path

Who is the Coach?

Carolyn Hildebrandt is an experienced coach with 19 years in healthcare, working with physicians and
staff. She is the Organizational Development Manager for GME, partnering with programs on
development. She also has expertise in assessments for personality, emotional intelligence, and
managing conflict.
Hours Coaching Is Offered
Weekdays in 50-minute slots. There are also slots on Tuesday evenings. Sign up: Coaching Appointments . All consultations occur via Zoom until Covid-19 limitations are resolved.
What Needs Should I Seek Other Resources For?
● Mental health needs (Call either the Physician Wellness Collaborative at 612-362-3747 or Vital
WorkLife at (877) 731-3949.) or utilize this online counseling site which has affordable fees and
works with insurance:
● Medical knowledge, test preparation & managing test anxiety (Scott Slattery: 612-626-7196)
● Difficulties in learning clinical knowledge or skills (work with your PD or trusted faculty member)